By, Muhammad Ma’ruf

GTI-Until now, Palestine has not received its rights to become a fully independent state and nation. Palestine has been colonized for 31 years by the British colonial government since the Balfour Declaration, 1917, 75 years under Israeli colonial rule since 1948.

Liberating Palestine means winning diplomatically and militarily against the US superpower, as the heir to the British colonial throne in the Middle East and the world. Inevitably, the deadly unipolar power that supports Israel must surrender to multipolar power. Multipolar power consolidation is therefore necessary and must be programmed strategically.

The genocide against Gaza residents by the Israeli government was fully supported by world colonial powers, the US, Nato and Western Europe. Attempts to stop genocide by parts of the world community at the UN were vetoed serially by the US. Amidst Israel's genocidal war in Gaza, it has so far killed more than 32,700 Palestinians, including at least 15,000 children. The resistance axis in the region continues its operations against the Tel Aviv regime and its Western supporters.

The future of a Palestinian state was buried by the Israeli government's statement that a Palestinian state no longer exists. All Palestinian residents, whether living in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, will be forcibly moved to Sinai and Jordan. This geopolitical-military atmosphere indicates that the offer of a two-state solution since the 1947 UN Plan, for 76 years or based on the 1967 agreement, is just a false promise. Meanwhile, a one state solution for Jews, Muslims and Christians that is equal and just is a necessity to gain new momentum.

Indications of facts on the ground which prove that the US will build a military base in Gaza under the pretext of distributing food to Gazans have no connection with the establishment of a Palestinian state. How is it possible that after carrying out genocide against the people of Gaza, then provide food aid to millions of Gazans when Gaza is under blockade, sea, land and air?

The genocide against the Gaza-Palestinian people was a Hollywood-Tel Aviv theater for more than five months that did not stand alone, but was strategically connected militarily and economically with the support of colonial powers who planned to make the Ben Gurion Canal an alternative to the Suez Canal. Cutting through the land and wiping out the people of North Gaza, in favor of the Ben Gurion canal connecting through the Negev desert from the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, east of the Red Sea to the southern tip of Israel and southwest of Jordan, to the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean.

The main goal of this evil conspiracy was to control the trade route, Asia's shortest route to Africa and Europe. Besides that, Israel wants to supply gas needs to Europe with gas exploration capital in Gaza (Levant) which is carried out illegally. The genocide of the Gaza-Palestinian people is the sacrifice of this project.

The aim of weakening and eliminating Palestine by Israel and the US, along with weakening Russia through the creation of the Ukraine war by the US. Russia as a significant and important supporter of Syria is weakened by the US and Nato-Middle East for the sake of Israel's existence. Unlike Egypt and Jordan, which border Israel, which have been conquered diplomatically and militarily. Syria still stands firm and does not recognize Israel at all costs. Syria's Golan Heights continue to face sovereignty challenges, which means it must win the war to take it from the hands of Israel and the US.

Russian gas exports via Ukraine to Europe are now being taken over by the US at higher prices. By weakening Palestine and Russia, the colonial powers (US-Israel) will gain long-term world economic-military benefits. This is also in line with efforts to weaken China as the pioneer of "the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)", through the creation of a war on Taiwan by the US and its allies in Asia.

Looking at the strategic military and economic background, great power is needed to liberate Palestine, not just the heroics of the resistance axis forces. It is true that religious, moral and humanitarian reasons are a solid basis for resistance groups. But the quality of these values must be transformed into the values of all Multipolar forces. Including being connected to the moral and economic values of the founding and vision of BRICS.

Of course, fully liberating Palestine will have a chain effect on freedom, independence and respect for other countries, especially for the West Asian region, as well as Africa, Asia, including Indonesia.

The value basis of a Multipolar world is a world that is neither Bipolar nor Unipolar, the power of two or one country controlling the world. But a world where each country gets the same opportunities, is equal, prosperous and deserves global justice.

Indonesia, with free and active political principles and one of the pioneers of the Non-Aligned movement, whose values will be harmonious with the Multipolar world (equality, independence, respect, justice). This big movement will also be in connection with the BRICS movement which will provide balance and narrow the space for the colonial economic hegemon powers that support the extermination of the Palestinian ethnicity and nation.

The inclusion of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates in the BRICS group at least provides new nuances and contacts. Especially Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates, which previously had different views and clashed with Iran regarding Syria and Yemen.

The global anti-colonial, pro-Palestinian movement is of course a solid axis of resistance, and has practical power to balance Israel's military aggressiveness and must not be isolated and play heroism alone. De-dollarization, de-monopoly of gas, de-monopoly of world trade routes are integral to the moral breakdown of the world colonial and the Israeli occupation regime.

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