GTI-Madness has many spectrums. Starting from Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, Philosophy to Mysticism. Humans are declared insane (mad) according to medicine, when the patient is disconnected from reality, and considers his imagination to be at odds with most social reality. When reality is distant and can be controlled by the language structure of the subject, then madness is in the control of philosophy and phenomenology. When the subject and object are identical, then madness is discussed in the context of the language of mysticism. This was explained by Wouter Kusters Ph.D, Jan, 22, 2024 to the Global Thinkers Institute (GTI).

Wouter Kusters is a Dutch philosopher and linguist. He is the author of Filosofie van de waanzin which was awarded with the Socrates Award in 2015 for the best philosophy book in Dutch. In 2005 he published a smaller essay “Pure waanzin” (Pure Madness) in Dutch, that also won the Socrates Award. A Philosophy of Madness has been published in English in December 2020 at MIT Press.