GTI-Monday afternoon, April 1 2024, the Israeli air force attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus, razing the building to the ground. The airstrike killed 13 people, including seven members of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) who were on an advisory mission to Syria. Israel's attacks on diplomatic and consular buildings violate the Vienna Conventions of 1961 and 1963 and also violate the sovereignty of Iran and Syria. Larry C. Johnson explained in detail to the Global Thinkers Institute (GTI), 9/4/2024 about Israel's military and political strategy mistakes.

Larry, commentator on national security topics; former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) U.S . An American blogger, political commentator. He is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group). Larry explained the future fate of the state of Israel, and the US as the holder of the unilateral command center in the Middle East and the world. According to Larry, the Israeli attack was carried out completely without coordination with the USA. The goal is for the US to go to war with Iran directly and for the world to forget the Israeli genocide in Gaza. However, Israel's strategy has actually worsened Israel's own security.

The US and UK have not been able to send ground troops and control Yemen for four months. How is it possible that the USA will directly attack Iran. The USA can indeed attack Iran, but does not have the ability to send ground troops and control Iran. If that happens Iran will attack all US military bases in the Middle East with the support of Russia and China. The October 7, 2023 attack carried out by Hamas and a combination of Palestinian freedom fighters against Israel was not the result of an Israeli and US "false flag" scenario. This strategy is pure professionalism and discipline of Hamas military operations and the resistance axis.

Israeli IDF soldiers shot at Israeli citizens, when Hamas took Israeli hostages in Kibbutz and Israeli housing. It was pure panic and error in the name of hannibal directive strategy. The myth of Israel and US security superiority collapsed. The genocide of Gazans and the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Syria were the results of a series of panic operations. Larry emphasized that 3 fronts would bring about the end of the USA's unipolar empire.

The failure of the USA proxy weakens Russia through Ukraine. The failure of the USA proxy weakens the Middle East (Islamic world) through Israel. The failure of the USA proxy weakens China through Taiwan. These three fronts will lead to the formation of a multipolar world, both politically, economically and militarily. War is part of politics, Larry said. The military sophistication of Israel and the USA will not bring unilateral political victory, for both Israel and the USA, it will actually destroy and accelerate a multipolar world.