GTI-It has been 75 years since Palestine was colonized by Israel. Until now, the Palestinian people have not received three main rights; the right to return (refugees), the right to fight with weapons (armed struggle) and the right to determine one's own destiny as a nation (independence).

The three Palestinian territories are based on the 1967 agreement, leaving 10% of the historical land of Palestine; the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza which continue to experience persecution and occupation. Whether in peace or war, the Palestinian people do not stop being kidnapped, murdered and robbed of land.

The Gaza area has been blockaded by Israel, both land, sea and air for 17 years. The people of Gaza cannot freely enter and exit. Gaza is the largest prison in the world and is isolated from the outside world.

UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), NGOs and world humanitarian activists are trying to communicate and help Gaza residents. Indonesia is no exception and has succeeded in building an Indonesian hospital in Gaza.

Since Operation Aqsa Flood, 7 October 2023 and the Israeli genocide against Gaza residents, the work of humanitarian officers from Indonesia has been successful and effective in sending news and information from Gaza directly.

The existence of the Indonesian hospital in Gaza apart from helping medically, is also a communication bridge for Indonesian citizens, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Palestinian people.

The GTI editorial team wants to know more about the meaning of the existence of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza and the stages of Palestinian independence with humanitarian activist, Muhammad Husein, Nov, 30, 2023.

Husein has lived in Gaza Palestine since 2011. Member of the construction team for the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza. Alumni of the Islamic University of Gaza, Bachelor of Islamic Sharia. Founder and manager of the "International Networking for Humanitarian" (INH) institution. Husein is also the founder and manager of the 3 language news portal "". MuhammadHuseinGaz's YouTube channel has 1.23 million subscribers, 230 videos.

GTI: What is the significance of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza?

Husein: An extraordinary achievement, not only for Indonesia but for the world. There are many hospitals in Gaza, but those that were built with Indonesian people's money, yes, this Indonesian Hospital. There is a Jordan hospital, but it was built by the government, it is smaller. There is a Qatari hospital, built magnificently, but not as functional as the Indonesian Hospital. There are also European hospitals, but they were built by the state.

This is clearly a source of pride, and strengthens me when I am invited by the people of Gaza who always talk about Indonesian hospitals. I am often asked to fill in at various mosques and campus forums. We say, we the Indonesian people continue to be committed, and will not leave you, as long as you are colonized and fight for independence. They can see morally and materially. Our proof is not just words, but we have built a hospital which is recognized by the people of Gaza as the best hospital in Gaza.

Indonesian Hospitals always rank first in terms of cleanliness and performance, that's a source of pride for us.

GTI : In the past, people were afraid to talk about Gaza and its fighters like HAMAS because they were afraid of being said to be supporting terrorists. After Operation Hurricane Aqsa 7 October 2023, are there any different nuances?

Husein; The operation on October 7 2023 has revealed the veil of Zionist lies and cruelty. The world community cannot contain their gratitude to Hamas, it must be admitted, Hamas carries the aspirations of the world, it turns out that Israel can be punished, even though up to now Israel has always been known to be above the law, and cannot be touched by international law. It turns out that Zionist crimes can be prosecuted.

GTI; What is the meaning of Israel's genocide in Gaza?

Husein; After Israel bombarded Gaza indiscriminately, this increasingly proved that the October 7 operation was needed to make the world aware that Israel, which was given the impression that it always supported peace negotiations and agreed to a two-state solution, could live side by side with Palestine, was actually lying. Israel has no desire to stand as two states side by side with Palestine.

GTI; What has been Indonesia's attitude so far in supporting Palestinian independence, has it not been optimal?

Husein; Indonesia still stands on the gray line, not daring to step onto the black or white line. OK, the Indonesian government has always supported Palestine, but today the world is attacking Hamas from its side, Europe has branded it as a terrorist organization, and that has been used as legitimacy for Israel to attack Gaza for reasons of protecting its country from terrorist attacks. Here Indonesia should be more assertive. Is Indonesia like European countries that consider Hamas to be terrorists? Indonesia should have the courage to take a stand. If Indonesia considers Hamas terrorists, then Israel will use it as its legitimacy to attack Gaza, but if it is explained that Hamas is an armed resistance group protected by international law, then the Indonesian people will not hesitate to support it. The narrative that America has developed so far is that Hamas is a terrorist.

If the Indonesian people support Palestine, then like it or not they have to support all Palestinian resistance that leads to independence. If the Indonesian government is firm, the Indonesian people will not be ambiguous and there will be no dualism. If the Indonesian government gives a clear statement then there will be no voices from the Indonesian people who are not sympathetic to the Palestinian struggle. Even if there is, it can be suppressed easily.

GTI; At the level of world diplomacy, including Indonesia, it always aims for a "two state solution", even though for 75 years the Palestinian people have been deceived by various agreements mediated by the USA and Europe, what is your comment?

Husein: Israel itself does not want a "two state solution". I was initially allergic to the “two state solution.” But after, in 2002, there was a delegation of the Fatah political elite from Ramalah to Indonesia, I asked whether the "two state solution" was a "final solution or temporary solution", he answered that this was temporary, we actually wanted complete independence. “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.

Although some Hamas members in Gaza have not explicitly stated that they agree with the "two state solution" as an initial strategy to liberate all Palestinian land. Meanwhile, the aspirations of the world which wants a "two state solution" can be utilized. After episodes of war, they usually insert a statement of a sovereign Palestine that has its own ports and airports. Some of them think realistically, not too idealistically. Well, if that's the realistic thing that happens, there are ports and airports, then it will help in a permanent and final solution. But the Zionists are very afraid of this.

GTI; Does Israel really want an independent Palestine to have airports and ports?

Husein: Yes, just imagine, Gaza which does not have a port and airport, even after years of blockade it could not be subdued by the Zionists, let alone having an airport and port, would destroy the spirit of colonialism. This is what is being fought for.

Both Hamas and Fatah are fighting for Palestinian independence, the difference is that Fatah uses verbal language, while Hamas uses violence, because the only language understood by Israeli Zionists is violence, and this has a positive effect on Palestinians.

GTI; With a two-state solution, can the Israeli project be prevented from moving Gaza residents to Sinai and West Bank residents to Jordan? Isn't it the two-state solution that will leave 10% of the land of Palestine as it is now?

Husein; "one state solution", in the end I am sure will happen and is in the process. The "two state solution" is once again only temporary. Verbal negotiations will not produce a maximum "one state solution" and even a "two state solution" will not occur.

When I left Gaza, I saw in Sinai buildings ready to be occupied. I asked the embassy, what is this for? In the middle of the desert there is an empty and very majestic building. They said to accommodate local people. Even in Gaza, people already know about the plans for the massive transfer and elimination of Palestine since the "deal of century" initiated by Donald Trump and wanted to be continued by Biden. That's why Biden approved the genocide in Gaza because the October, 7, 2023 operation disrupted the transfer plan.

GTI: Are you sure that a "one state solution" solution can be realized?

Hussein; This "one state solution" discourse and steps are being developed. The operation on October 7 2023 is one of three stages of Zionist destruction. As in Surah Al-Isra verse 7, Allah has exposed the lies of the Zionists through attacks by fighters. The second stage, there will be a mass movement to enter the Aqsa mosque like in previous times, after this war is over. Maybe a Palestinian state will become a "two state solution" for a while. The third stage will be the total destruction of the Zionists, after that there will be a "one state solution" as one whole country and God willing, peace and harmony of the three religious communities, Jews, Muslims and Christians will occur.

I am a Muslim journalist, apart from being objective, I try to include narratives and references from religion. I input narratives that I believe. Don't read Gaza just by logic, we won't get there. The Palestinian issue is sacred for Muslims. The history of the beginning and end is written in the Quran.