According to Dr. Dragana Trivkovic, the Israeli versus Palestinian war and the 2023 Gaza genocide are a continuation of the Ukrainian war sponsored by globalists. The US and the European Union are experiencing a trend of decreasing political and economic power throughout the world. They are trying to respond and adapt to the challenges of a multipolar world. The campaign and initiation of war by the US and Israel to destroy HAMAS in Gaza is part of their way of maintaining world hegemony. The OIC's attitude is not optimal in providing a solution to the genocide that occurred in Gaza. Azerbaijan and Turkey still carry out double standards and maintain diplomatic and economic relations with Israel.

The vote of the Islamic Cooperation Organization to sever diplomatic relations with Israel and stop oil exports to countries supporting Israel was not a joint decision. Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan have become the main humanitarian and military obstacles for Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. However, in the midst of the demise of the strength of Islamic countries in defending Palestine, the majority of the world's voices side with the independence of the Palestinian people in line with the change from a unipolar world to a multipolar one. This view was conveyed by Dr Dragana as a speaker in a discussion with the theme, "Aqsa Storm Operation and Geopolitical Earthquakes", 18 nov 2023.

Another speakers are Ir. Mujtahid Hashem (Voice Of Palestine), Husni (Defense University of the Republic of Indonesia), Muhammad Ma'ruf (Global Thinkers Institute (GTI), Imayati (PB Islamic Student Association) and Akbar (PB HMI). Organized by the Indonesian- Islamic Student Association.

According to Ir. Mujtahid Hashem,  Aqsa Flood operation 2023 has several geopolitical impacts. First, building confidence for the Palestinian resistance group militarily and intelligently. Gives more hope about the option of armed resistance that can overcome the myth of Israel's military and intelligence prowess.

Second, undermining Israel's self-confidence as the holder of military and intelligence superiority. Third, building a more advanced discourse for the OIC, even though it cannot yet be put into practice. Such as cutting off diplomatic relations with Israel, cutting off good economic relations with Israel and its supporters.  Not using land and air space for the USA to send weapons to Israel.

Fourth, the US and Europe are increasingly losing sources of legitimacy in supporting Israel. Fifth, US power as an imperialist country is increasingly declining along with strengthening resistance groups in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, according to Muhammad Ma'ruf, Israel's colonization of Palestine is not purely colonialism. The Zionist state of Israel is not merely a manifestation of the ideology of superiority of the Jewish race over other races. Israel's colonialism was a colonial economic asset that won the second world war. This entity will be used to manage the widest possible conflict and as many war points as possible that will be waged.

Aqsa Storm Operation 2023 by Palestinian freedom fighters is an effort to save the Aqsa mosque and an effort to liberate all of Palestine, which remains 10% of the historical Palestinian territory. Apart from that, this operation is a deterrent to two Israeli projects, the US and the European Union. The first is the construction of the Ben Gurion canal, the second is gas drilling in Gaza and the west bank. Another aim is to serve as a reminder to Saudi Arabia not to normalize relations with Israel and stop the Neom project which is located in line with the Ben Gurion project.

The plan to occupy Gaza and the genocide against the Gaza people proves the link between Israel's two economic projects. If Gaza can be controlled by Israel and its inhabitants are empty, then the construction of the canal and gas project can be carried out as soon as possible. This is the reason why Israel's ground operations in Gaza are fully supported by the USA and European countries.

Meanwhile, Husni and Imayati emphasized the importance of being alert to asymmetric wars that involve many parties and are difficult to detect. The importance of student solidarity is to always hone concern and sensitivity in helping to liberate Palestine.