GTI-Several organizations have organized a Geo-Palestine discussion series (series 2), with the theme Understanding Resistance Groups). This discussion aims to examine "Resistance Groups in the Middle East" from three points of view; 1. Geo-Law; International Law, 2. Geo-Philosophy; Philosophy of war, military and intelligence. 3. Geo-People; The power of grassroots pro-justice groups around the world. Presenting four speakers, Fra Hughes (Irish political observer and activist), Ir, Mujtahid Hashem (Middle East activist and observer), Rizki Hikmawan (UPN HI lecturer). Muhammad Ma'ruf, Ph.D (Director, Global Tinkers Institute-GTI).

This discussion examines the position of Palestine as a pre-State entity which is being fought for both from a legal-formal basis (peace process) and non-state actors - various pro-Palestinian resistance groups.

Operation Aqsa Storm, 7 October 2023, carried out by internal Palestinian resistance groups, had an impact on the support and involvement of groups outside the Palestinian territory. This was triggered by the blind support of the USA, UK and European countries. US support is not only political and monetary, but militarily directly controlling bombing operations and ground attacks on Gaza.

The US military intervention in Gaza was responded to militarily by all resistance groups. These include the Pro-Palestinian Hezbollah Group in Lebanon, the Pro-Palestinian Syrian Resistance Group, the Iraqi-Pro-Palestinian Resistance Group. Yemeni-Pro-Palestinian Resistance Group (Ansarullah and Yemeni Army)). The impact is a regional war in the Middle East region, which could even spread.

These various Pro-Palestinian Resistance Groups support politically and militarily various resistance groups within the Palestinian territory; HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, Lion Den, PLFP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) etc.

The existence of pro-Palestinian independence resistance groups is a common phenomenon as are pro-independence resistance groups outside Palestine. This armed resistance group has a mission to liberate its nation from colonialism and save the Al-Aqsa mosque. This is in accordance with the UN Human Rights Charter, UN Resolution 37/43 and the Geneva Declaration on terrorism.

Various resistance groups, especially Palestine, have experienced persecution, murder, ostracism and even been labeled terrorist movements for 75 years by Israel, the USA and Europe.

Fra Hughes (Ireland), activist and political observer from Ireland discussed the importance of grassroots movements in European society. According to him, the roots of Palestinian colonization were the links and implications of British colonial policy - the Balfour Declaration.

The British rulers who currently still control British policy are the successors of the Balfaour generation and are continued by the rulers of the American government.

The roots of Israel's colonial ideology are institutionalized racism and superiority in the apartheid-based Israeli state system. This system must be destroyed through public opinion, the blockade of goods from companies that aid and perpetuate this system.

Furthermore, according to Fra, it is not only a public awareness campaign, but also providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in Gaza. Activists, humanitarian volunteers, doctors must interact and enter Gaza. Fra and several European humanitarian activists carried out the Viva Palestine caravan movement from London to Gaza, 2010.

Meanwhile, Ir Mujathid Hashem, activist and observer of the Middle East, explained the position of the emergence of various resistance in the Middle East-Pro Palestine. This movement emerged as a historical necessity, therefore it is natural.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Lion's Den etc. are movements that emerged not only in political but also military resistance to the Israeli occupation. Hezbollah emerged because Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, and succeeded in driving out IDF troops. The Houti resistance, which is integrated with the Yemeni government, also emerged because of the invasion of Saudi Arabia which was supported by the US and UK. The Syrian and Iraqi resistance arose because of the ISIS invasion which was supported by the US, Israel and European countries.

All of these groups have a local problem base within the framework of opposing US military and political hegemony in the Middle East. This movement is motivated by the spirit of Islamic values, united in the framework of fighting Israel. This small country was created as a buffer state (accomplice) for US and European interests in the Middle East.

According to Muhammad Ma'ruf, the terms war and peace are completely in the control of the USA. The mandate of the Balfour Declaration was the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), which later became the Palestine Authority and PLO. This is what is called the chain of peace processes since 1917, the 1947 UN Plan (division of two countries) along with the NAKBA 1 events in waves, as well as Israel's unilateral declaration of independence in 1948, the division of two countries in 1967, and the 1973 war.

The nature of peace from 1948-2023 is completely misleading because it is controlled and monopolized by the USA, the creation of short war superiority accompanied by the myth of military technological superiority along with the annexation of Palestinian territory which leaves 10% of the entire historic land of Palestine. The idea of a two-state solution while using the USA version, if it continues to be narrated, actually covers up the ongoing apartheid system. Because Israel itself has not recognized two states since 1947, while the "myth of the idea of two states" demands that Palestine and countries that have not yet normalized it recognize the entity of the Israeli state.

Britain and the USA designed the state of Israel as a victorious result of the battle against Palestine. Meanwhile, its periodic annexation of territory coincided with the peace process proposed by the US and was forcibly applied to Palestine in a cunning manner. Illegal housing construction, construction of the separation wall in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, sea, land and air blockade of the Gaza area. This apartheid system is carried out by kidnapping, killing, eviction, expulsion which results in the remaining 10% of the historical land of Palestine.

This situation has given rise to various groups of resistance movements both internally and externally in Palestine against the same enemy - Israel. The 2023 Aqsa operation which was a response to Israel's genocide against the Gaza-Palestinian people has united these various resistance groups in the framework of fighting against USA-Israel military hegemony in the Middle East.

This discussion was held in collaboration with the Indonesian International Relations Association (IAIHII), the Jamaah Al Mustofa Alumni Association, the Indonesian Student Youth Alumni Association, the Middle East-Africa Division, Fighting For Things and the Global Thinkers Institute (GTI).