GTI-Entering the 22nd day of the Hamas vs Israel war, several organizations held periodic discussions on Geo-Palestine, Oct, 28/023. These include AIHII (Indonesian International Relations Science Association), IKMAL, Middle East and Africa Division-Indonesian Student Youth Alumni Association, and the Global Thinkers Institute (GTI).

This first series of discussions looks at the Palestinian issue using the perspective of Geo-Religion and Humanism. Presenting speakers from Australia, Pastor Dave, Dr. Agus Haryanto, chairman of AIHII and Muhammad Ma'ruf, Ph.D, Director of the Global Thinkers Institute (GTI).

For Pastor Dave, the solution to the Israel vs Palestine conflict is to focus from the perspective of the victims, especially the Palestinian people. The three monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity, Judaism clearly reject oppression. All three share the same doctrine of humanity, equality and pro-justice. Supporting the Palestinian independence movement is part of the manifestation of religious spirituality.

It's just that humanity which originates from the doctrine of God has been manipulated by political tribalism in the form of the ideology of Zionism. Zionism is based on racism, considering the Jewish race to be the most superior. This ideology influences the followers of these three religions. So among Christians, there are pro-Zionist groups, known as Christian Zionists. They worked together to establish a specifically Jewish state.

Pastor Dave suggested that there should be unity between Muslims and Christians against the ideology of racism and Zionism. Zionism uses an apartheid political system. Building illegal settlements by grabbing land belonging to Palestinians. Build a dividing wall. Blockaded Gaza, land, sea and air for 17 years. Dave offers the campaign an important insight into the dangers of Zionism.

Meanwhile Dr. Agus read out the position from AIHII. Condemn the aggression of both parties, especially Israel which ignores the rights of innocent civilians. Immediately call a ceasefire. Reconsider the "Two State Solution" as the main basis for negotiations to achieve sustainable and just peace for the two nations.

Urge the United Nations (UN) as well as its member countries and other international organizations to immediately, without delay, move to find solutions that are based on universal human values. Support the initiatives of the Indonesian government and the international community in mobilizing assistance - both in moral and material dimensions- to provide protection and substantive assistance to affected civil society.

Inviting all Indonesian citizens with firm determination to unite and be deeply committed to supporting the aspirations of the Palestinian people for independence. This is in line with the principles stated in the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution which rejects every form of colonialism, because colonialism collides with the essence of human values and the principles of justice.

Muhammad Ma'ruf highlighted the importance of reading the Palestinian issue from various points of view. Don't just focus on the incident per se, thereby losing the big picture. The importance of reading insights into Geo-strategy, intelligence, humanism, security and history. This reading is not only exclusive to the elite military, but when it becomes science it becomes the public domain, especially intellectuals in general. If we focus on victims, then we place ourselves on the side of humanism and religion. The meeting was a ceasefire, prisoner exchange and humanitarian aid. If we focus on hundreds of news manipulations from Israel, we will be busy setting the record straight.

But when we place the Palestinian humanitarian disaster within the scientific framework of the war of independence, we need to upgrade the dimensions of strategy, intelligence, military, security and the effects of political gains through diplomacy from both parties. Having a Geo-Palestinian vision in the global order.

Operation Aqsa 2023, according to Ma'ruf, is a series of achievements by guerrilla freedom fighters in order to liberate all of Israel's colonial lands. Saving the holy site of the Aqsa mosque from destruction, desecration and Judaization, by the Israeli hardline right group supported by the US, UK and France.

Israel's genocide of 8,000 Gazans is a manifestation of the IDF's series of paralysis and inability to face Hamas' Aqsa storm operation. If the problem is indeed Hamas, password then the focus of the war against Hamas, not the genocide of Gaza-Palestinian residents as a form of public punishment. The more brutal Israel is in punishing Palestinians, the stronger the ideology of resistance. Hamas is not a matter of personal or organizational grudges, but an ideology of resistance for all Palestinians, which becomes increasingly fertile when it continues to be oppressed. The idea of resistance cannot be killed because it enters consciousness - the long experience of being colonized.