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GTI-Saturday nov, 11, Hezbollah secretary general, Sayyid Hasan Nasrullah will make his second speech. Meanwhile, nov, 3, this charismatic leader had previously made a speech. Responding to the escalation of the Israeli genocide in Gaza and giving various dimensions of meaning to the Aqsa Storm operation, October, 7, 2023. Various comments emerged, both friends and enemies. There are those that are detrimental to the Palestinian side and there are also those that benefit Israel. This article is part of the many responses to that historic speech.

Most people hoped that Hasan Nasrullah would declare a major war, so that the massacre of Gazans by US bombs could be prevented. There are those who think Nasrullah is carrying out de-escalation.

There are even some who think that Nasrullah is playing, taking advantage of the situation for Iran's influence at the regional level. Some of his supporters are based on realistic conditions on the field and are patient with a series of stages that are still mysterious and the certainty of victory will come. What is certain, of course, is that Israel wants Hezbollah not to interfere with ground operations in Gaza which are commanded by the US Central Command (CENTCOM) in the Middle East.

It is important to note that before commenting, make sure that our review is limited, including this article. Our comments and analysis only represent a part, do not reflect the full reality of Nasrullah's speech. More than that, of course the people who know best are the actors in the field. The group that designed and operated Hurricane Aqsa, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PLPF, the people of Gaza and the West Bank, and of course the enemy, Israel, the USA and NATO.

There are several important things regarding Nasrullah's speech;

Revealing the true face of Zionist-colonial politics

The first meaning of Nasrullah's speech was to reveal the true face of Zionist-colonial politics. Citizens of the world, without any significant differences of opinion, have demonstrated the genocide of Gazans by Israel. We don't need to look for video data, testimonials to understand what the Nazi Holocaust and genocide events around the world are. The world increasingly believes that the true face of "Israeli Zionists" is a real example of the Holocaust-Gaza. The perpetrators were the descendants of the pioneers of the 1917 Balfour Declaration, who had already committed the Holocaust-Nakba before and after 1948 to 2023.

Nasrullah's speech raised the alarm that Israel's genocide against Gaza residents in 2023 is the second Nakba. Demographic political techniques using ethnic cleansing through civilian bombing.

The continuous increase in the Zionist-Jewish population thanks to British aid had successfully resulted in numerous clashes between the native Palestinian population and the newly arrived immigrant Jews. From the beginning of the British Mandate in Palestine in 1922 until the end of 1947, an estimated 100,000–150,000 Palestinians—nearly a tenth of Palestine's Arab population—were expelled, denationalized, or forced to leave their homes. In addition, tens of thousands of Palestinians were internally displaced as a result of Zionist colonialism, the eviction of tenant farmers, and the demolition of homes by the British government.

Nasrullah's speech also began by honoring the victims of Gaza's "Genocide, Nakba, Holocoust" as martyrs, the high price of sacrifice for Palestinian independence and saving the Aqsa Mosque. Nasrullah interpreted the tragedy phenomenon as having an Islamic character.

The apocalyptic massacre of Gazans is a real Hollywood movie, directed by Netanyahu and Biden. Heir to the Zionist-colonial political line; Arthur Balfour, Lord Rothschild, and Woodrow Wilson etc.

Revealing the Main Actor and Invisible Dictation

The meaning of Nasrullah's second speech was to show the world that the director of the Gaza genocide was the US president, and Israel was the executor.

The designer and command of Israel's ground attack on Gaza is actually the USA and NATO members in the Middle East. Precisely under General Michael E. Kurilla-US Central Command.

Moreover, Netanyahu's political goal is to move all Gaza residents to Sinai, and West Bank residents to Jordan. This plan has been around since 1948, the momentum of the ground attack was used to complete this ambition, as well as to seal the success of the Aqsa storm operation.

Meanwhile, the series of narratives of a two-state solution over two decades were aimed at covering up this evil plan.

Netanyahu wants a regional war, the US on the surface does not want a regional war, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's safari to Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Turkey is actually just camouflage.

The US is mobilizing NATO forces in the Middle East. The pro-US monarchical powers in the Middle East will be forced to fight against Iran and its allies. US Central Command in West Asia activated. The nuclear aircraft carriers USS Gerald R. Ford and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower entered the area. The US Command Center was designed to promote US colonial interests in 20 countries in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, as well as the strategic waterways that surround them.

In other words, the world's focus on Palestine-Gaza will be shifted and directed towards war with Iran. The ISIS group, Jabat Nusro is being activated in Syria. It can be roughly seen that the direction will be in favor of Israel and NATO.

However, as Nasrulah said, Hezbollah troops will act militarily in stages in proportion to Israel's aggressiveness in Gaza. As a result, a quarter of the IDF troops were parked on Israel's northern border, 65,000 settlers were displaced, 9 Merkava tanks were destroyed, 120 IDF soldiers died.

Successfully destroyed “communications network equipment” at 42 Israeli military locations since October 8. These include thermal cameras, night vision and surveillance cameras as well as equipment that detects unmanned aerial vehicles.

As an economic impact, Israel is trying to bring in 100,000 cheap workers from India to replace 90,000 cheap Palestinian workers.

While Iran and the world community are dictating the US for a ceasefire, trying to get humanitarian aid into Gaza or US military bases in Iraq and Syria, Israel's territory will continue to be attacked by all Islamic resistance groups as long as the genocide in Gaza is not stopped.

Internal conflict

It seems that Netanyahu's plan to bring US-NATO, the European Union and the Monarchy to attack Iran will not happen, not because of fear of facing Russia and Chinese assistance.

Iran and Islamic resistance groups prefer to fight in stages while waiting for the momentum of peak division within Israel and the US.

Also, It seems that international public support is growing for a ceasefire and the influx of humanitarian aid in line with the politics of the resistance group. The more aggressively the USA and Israel accelerate the genocide of Gazans, the more it will isolate the US and Israel. Elon Musk said that the more babies killed, the more Hamas will become. If more people are killed who are not members of Hamas, then basically Israel is creating more Hamas.

Bolivia has cut diplomatic relations, several countries have withdrawn their diplomats from Israel, such as Colombia, Chile, Turkey and Jordan.

But if Israel and the USA agree to a ceasefire, then the reputation of the Delta Force and IDF troops will decrease and they will be embarrassed, because they cannot defeat the Islamic resistance guerrillas in Gaza. In the future, it is possible to negotiate an exchange of Israeli and Palestinian prisoners.

It also appears from the current situation that Israel and the USA do not have a profitable future for the state of Israel. Either continuing the war or armistice. Even if regional war is chosen, US and European finances and their war machine support will not be able to save Israel.

Muhammad Ali's style is not Mike Tyson's

The final meaning of Nasrullah's speech was that the war was won not in one blow but in stages. Like a boxer, Hezbollah's fighting style is more like Muhammad Ali. Spinning, running, forward, backward, but still giving jabs that seem trivial, but still continue to accumulate winning points at the end of the match. On the other hand, the world public expects Mike Tyson's boxing style to be able to defeat his opponent by knockout as quickly as possible. As Nasrullah promised, victory is in Palestinian hands.

If we look at the war of Hezbollah and various resistance groups against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, we will understand the Palestinian war against Israel well now. When ISIS was first declared in Syria and Iraq, and supported by US air troops, there were many massacres carried out by ISIS. The world is shocked and angry at ISIS. The USA also claims to be fighting ISIS.

Hezbollah and the resistance groups did not face ISIS and the USA with one blow. But in a gradual way. Of course, the battle is now more monumental and strategic, because the head is fighting, not the tail. Straight to the center of evil in the Islamic world, piercing the stronghold of US and European colonial interests in the Middle East.

Islamic Resistance Group VS NATO

The meaning of Nasrullah's next speech opened the world's eyes, that what was happening was not Israel vs Hamas war, but NATO against Islamic resistance groups.

The US immediately took over political and military control of Israel, after the Aqsa 7/10 storm operation. Many consider the US maneuver excessive. How could a collection of Islamic resistance organizations be opposed by the full force of NATO? However, this actually reflects the real reality, that the success of this operation will result in a real threat to Israel's existence and a serious sign of the collapse of US hegemony in the Middle East.

Washington has strengthened Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defenses in Saudi Arabia, Patriot in Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sending a nuclear submarine to the Suez Canal.

The Australian Army has participated in every major war the United States has waged since World War I, including its wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Australia is now also participating in the fighting in Gaza and a possible regional war.

Australia is deploying a "large contingent" of troops and aircraft to the Middle East, Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles said on Wednesday.

The Australian government said additional troops and two military transport aircraft would join the Australian Army in the region.

“This is a volatile situation. We hope this only happens in Israel and Gaza,” Marles said, adding, “We want to make sure we are prepared if things get worse.”

Marles also warned all Australians in the Middle East, urging them to leave the region as soon as possible.

The German Army sent a Special Forces Command (KSK) unit. The German and Dutch governments have deployed Special Forces units to Cyprus, Naval Special Forces (KSM), and Federal Police Special Forces (GSG 9), as well as two military transport aircraft.

The reaction to the massive movement of NATO troops and military equipment to the Middle East indicates evidence of a real threat to Israel's security and a manifestation of Hezbollah's regional military strength.

These Western countries have deployed their special forces to West Asia after the Israeli occupation forces suffered a crushing defeat, October 7. Why was Israel so quickly defended by Western countries? The answer is because Israel itself was created by the political and military forces of the Western bloc since World War 1 and 2. The defeat of Israel means the defeat of all the hegemonic interests of the Western bloc-NATO, the European Union in the Middle East. On the other hand, it makes it easier for Russia and China to fight against the NATO bloc on both the Ukraine and Taiwan issues.