RTI-Gaza has been bombarded by Israel since October 7 2023. The Israeli security system was successfully penetrated by Hamas youth. The young people are actually Palestinian refugees and land owners.

Israel tried to compensate for its defeat by burying the success of Hamas operations. Israel responded by not directly confronting Hamas but carrying out genocide of 6,000 sinful Gazans openly, and supported by the USA, England and France. The world tastes loudly.

David told to editorial-Real Thinkers Institute (RTI)  how the Australian community from the grassroots supports Palestine. The amount is more than usual. The sense of humanity of the Australian people is torn apart. Sadness and tears cannot be stopped.

David Smith, also known as Fighting Father Dave, is an Anglican priest in Australia. Preacher, Pugilist, Activist, Father of four. Father Dave is best known for his work with at-risk young people, especially in his use of boxing for those suffering from substance abuse problems and anger-management issues.

He is also a 6th degree black belt and Australia’s oldest active professional boxer. His progression into martial arts and boxing came out of his attempt to raise funds for his youth centre in Dulwich Hill, where he was parish priest for thirty years. Father Dave has been nominated three time for ‘Australian of the Year’. He is an outspoken activist on social justice and inter-faith issues. He is the proud father of four children.