GTI- Dr. Dieudonné Gnammankou is a historian of relations between Africa, Russia and Ottoman Türkiye. Sunday, March 24 2024, Dieudonne shared his views with GTI on various African issues and their solutions. According to Dieudonné, as many as 44 African countries, each of their people wants to be part of a multipolar world. Because in a multipolar world, every country has the same right to be independent, equal, heard and respected. About 30 countries are on the right track towards a multipolar world.

Being part of a multipolar world and a member of BRICS does not mean being an enemy of the west. Because western countries themselves have established relations with BRICS members. Western countries themselves want their countries to be prosperous and honorable. Africa has a dark history of being enslaved by colonialists.

Most of the population was forcibly relocated. Africa until now is not prosperous, has security problems. Try to find partners who can be trusted, such as BRICS members. The colonial chain in Africa must be broken, so that Africa can prosper, at the same time Africa continues to maintain good relations with all countries. African politicians and historians still have strong memories of Sukarno and his big idea, the non-alliance movement. If the non-aligned, Multipolar and BRICS movements can be harmonious and aligned, then every country will benefit, including the western group. The era of hegemony and unipolar is no longer relevant to the demands of the times.