GTI-The current situation in Gaza is scary. One more phase will change and bury the Palestinian people and homeland. If the Israeli IDF Army, which is fully supported by the USA, will launch an attack on Rafah. Millions of Palestinians will be murdered en masse or will be forcibly moved to the Sinai desert. After that, the USA will build a military base in Gaza to support the gas exploration and Ben Gurion canal projects.

If that happens, there is the potential that the state of Israel will automatically disappear. Because the legitimacy of the state of Israel will be destroyed in the eyes of the world. This will further trigger resistance groups to attack important Israeli cities with advanced weapons, such as hypersonic missiles. This was what Amal Wahdan, Ph.D said to the Global Thinkers Institute (GTI), October 15, 2024.

Amal, who lives in Ramallah, believes that, diplomatically, there will no longer be a two-state solution, because Netanyahu has stated that there will be no Palestinian state since the October 7 attack. This means that the solution of one democratic state for the three religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) is the final solution.

If that happens, then there will no longer be an Israeli apartheid system. At the same time, resistance groups in the region will gain momentum. Amal believes that a fully sovereign Palestinian state will be established in the not too distant future. The October 7 attack was a pre-emptive attack by the Palestinian resistance which disrupted Israel's military and intelligence. On the Israeli side, they actually had plans to attack Gaza first, but were already preceded by the resistance group. Amal Wahdan, Ph.D is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Lives in Ramallah. Co-founder of Al Awda & People's Democratic State of Historic Palestine.