GTI-Muhammad Ma'ruf, Ph.D, Director, Global Thinkers Institute (GTI), February 29, 2024 visited and discussed the RUDN University, Moscow.  With the staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow, Haekal Karnadibrata, the information, education and culture section. The discussion event was held in a hybrid, with several campuses in Indonesia. Among them, Gadjah Mada University, Jayabaya University, PGRI University, and President University.

RUDN was represented by Natalya V. Syuklova Ph.D, Deputy Vice Rector of International Affairs GT, and seven heads of the Department of Scientific Cooperation Relations; engineering, medicine, agriculture, agrarian, humanitarian and social. Each of them provides a presentation of the latest research in various fields.

Natalya explained the global profile of the RUDN campus and the openness of academic collaboration with campuses in Indonesia. RUDN has carried out research and collaboration with campuses throughout the world.

Meanwhile Muhammad Ma'ruf gave an important point that scientific collaboration between campuses throughout the world in various fields is part of maturity in world relations. Manifestation of multipolar activities in the scientific field that will strengthen the human resources of both countries. In particular, Indonesian natural scientists have a lot to learn from Russian scientists. Equitable global education is the heart of golden civilization.

The principles of cooperation are mutual benefit, equality and mutual respect. Muhammad Ma'ruf hopes that in the next few months, several chancellors from Indonesia will visit Russia.