GTI-Several partners of the Global Thinkers Institute had the opportunity to visit and discuss at MGIMO-University, Asean Center, Moscow, February 28, 2024. Among them, Muhammad Ma'ruf, Ph.D, Director, Global Thinkers Institute (GTI). Sabrang, singer, humanist and AI thinker. Dede, international environmental law expert.

The GTI teams discussed with Director of ASEAN  Center, Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, Deputy Director of Center, Dr. Valeria Vershinina and ASEAAN Center's expert, Dr. Nikita Kuklin.

Nikita explained, the Asean Center institution and several research activities, book and journal production, as well as several scientific activities. Nikita is an expert on ASEAN, explaining the various cultures of ASEAN, especially in Indonesia.

Muhammad Ma'ruf explained the importance of intellectual contact between Indonesian and Russian scientists before the possibility of establishing more detailed scientific collaboration. This is important because it is a strong reason for the need for cooperation. If if both parties have found deep chemistry, then anything can be done with the principles of friendship and mutual benefit.