GTI-Global Thinkers Institute (GTI) is one of the participants from 130 countries invited to attend the Second Congress of the International Russophile Movement, Moscow, Russia, 26-27 feb, 2024. Attended by representatives from 300 thinkers and world figures. The delegation from Indonesia was Sabrang Mowo Damar Panuluh (Noe), singer of the band Letto, cultural figure and thinker. Muhammad Ma'ruf, Ph.D, thinker and Director, Global Thinkers Institute (GTI).

Among the Russian government figures who attended, Sergey Lavrov Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman of Russia, Maria Zakharova. Alexander Dugin a Russian philosopher and activist, founder of the Russian Geopolitical School and the Eurasian Movement. Zhang Weiwei, is Professor International relations, Fudan University and the director, China Institute.

This congress is a forum within the framework of seeding Multipolar ideas from a Russian perspective. Among the main subjects discussed is the Global South. Changes in the global architecture. The western after Hegemony. The possibility to save the European Civilization. The role of China in a multipolar world. Tradition is the foundation of a Multipolar world.

Zakharova said this congress was an important space for the exchange of opinions from various countries. Get to know more closely the cultural, spiritual and moral values of Russia.

Meanwhile, Lavrov explained that this event was a forum to explain Russia's true situation. Explaining that traditional and spiritual values are strategic values for Russia. Convince us all that we must have universal values that guide international relations.

In contrast to Dugin, this legendary philosopher explains the existence of hegemony (unitarianism), forcing the unique universalism of Western values to be applied to eastern countries. Russia has its own unique values that shape Euroasian culture and civilization. Russia encourages the formation of a Multipolarism order. Russophobia is a product of unilateralism that must be opposed to the idea of multilateralism.

Multipolarism is a necessity, arises from natural conditions force the existence of a unipolar world as a unified world order. Every time there is an imposition of a unipolar world order, it is the beginning of the development of a multipolar world.