GTI-The Russian-Indonesian Ambassador, H.E. Lyudmila Georgievna Vorobieva lectured for the second time in the framework of the Diplomacy Dialogue Road Show, 6 February 2024 at Jayabaya University, Jakarta. The lecture theme was entitled "The Constant Changing World Post Russian-Ukrainian War".

The event opened with several remarks. Among them Dr. Ika Yuliansari, M.Si (Rector of Jayabaya University), Dr. Agus Haryanyo, S.Ip., M.Si (Chairperson of AIHII), Muhammad Ma'ruf, Ph.D (Director, Global Thinkers institute-GTI).

Dr Ika said that this activity was a lesson for Jayabaya University students, especially those majoring in International Relations, to get to know the current geopolitical situation, regarding the Ukraine-Russia conflict from authoritative sources. Dr, Agus hopes that AIHII can collaborate widely with the Russian embassy in the academic field.

Muhammad Maruf, Ph.D emphasized the importance of understanding the grand narrative of world governance philosophically. Rationally comparing the Western liberal-democratic and the Multipolar World narrative. Understanding military conflict is not just a competition of political-economic interests, but also a war over the most valid values to be used as a basis for a just, humanist and spiritual world governance civilization.

Lydumila said that the USSR and the US were actually an alliance during the second world war. After the second world war, alliances turned into competition (cold war). The world is driven by a Bipolar World Order. The US (Capitalist-Liberal Democracy) and the USSR (Socialist-Communist) as world controllers. The rest of the world follows these two forces.

After the fall of the USSR in 1990 and the formation of the Russian Federation in 1991, the Russian government began to rebuild Russia with a new idea - a Multipolar World. A world in motion for the principles of equality, respect for human dignity and the benefit of national interests. This grand narrative is to balance Unipolar World Governance-US-NATO Unilateralism. Such as the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria without a UN mandate. This invasion is for various irrational reasons and manipulation; building democracy and human rights, fighting terrorism, destroying mass weapons, replacing authoritarian regimes.

US-NATO is trying to expand into the Russian border region. Ukraine is an intermediate target to weaken Russia. In 2014, NATO supported a coup and changed the Ukrainian government to a pro-Western one. After Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who was pro-US-NATO-Western Europe, became president, everyday Russian began to be banned, people who still spoke Russian experienced persecution, murder and kidnapping. After Zelenskyy wanted Ukraine to join NATO, Russia took preventive military action. President Putin ordered the military operation with two objectives; demilitarization and denazification.

Lyudmila explained that Russia had to take this reason because it was experiencing a real military threat. NATO's missile system would only need 2 minutes to reach Moscow, if Ukraine joined NATO. Russia will have direct confrontation with the collective power of NATO.

These facts are what actually happened, but the Western media always manipulates narratives and data. One of the problems with incomplete understanding of the Ukraine-Russia conflict is the bias in information produced by western media. Through all Western media networks (BBC, CNN, etc.), a feeling of phobia towards Russia is growing. Provoking Ukrainian society to hate Russia.

Strategically, US-NATO-West Europe wants Russia to become a weak country. Ukraine has become a target and intermediary for all Western interests. Its position is very strategic because it borders directly on Russia. Now Russia is experiencing the biggest sanctions from the West.

Russia-Ukraine is actually one unit of Russian culture and language. Especially in the region; Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea declared joining the Russian Federation through a referendum. However, as arms support from the US and Western Europe continues to flow into Ukraine, a peaceful solution has become a dead end. The West has always obstructed the Ukrainian and Russian peace process. The West continues to impose relentless sanctions on Russia, and continues to try to prolong the war. Even though Western Europe has a loss in buying gas from the US compared to Russia, European countries have always bowed to US wishes.