GTI-What is the axis of resistance?. To what extent do you understand the axis of resistance? What is the difference between a strategic alliance and a proxy? What is the difference with NATO-Western Europe Proxy, NATO Middle East Proxy, NATO Asia Pacific Proxy. How can it all be connected to the Ukraine war, Gaza and a potential South Sea war. How have all the conflicts contributed to the formation of a multipolar world?

Global Thinkers Institute (GTI) succeeded in interviewing the spokesperson for the axis resistance from Lebanon, super lady Marwa Oswan, Ph.D, 18 Jan, 2024.

According to Marwa, as long as the movement towards a multipolar world coincides with decolonization throughout the world, the entire context can be understood. The axis of resistance is the ideology of resistance of the oppressed in West Asia and the world against the oppressors who dominate the world. An ideology that is genealogically derived from Islamic teachings but is dedicated to oppressed people throughout the world.

The liberation of Palestine from US-Israel-West European colonialism is a major strategic issue throughout the world that will trigger the liberation of oppressed people throughout the world from colonialists.

The issue of the genocide of Gazans by Israel is the issue of the liberation of the Al-Aqsa mosque and human rights violations. The Axis of Resistance (Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Syria) is trying to help Palestine gain the right to independence.

The risk is not only against the illegal state of Israel, but directly at the heart of the colonial project sponsors in the Middle East - US - UK and their proxies.

Marwa Osman is mother of three. She holds Ph.D in Management on the "Effect of Intergenerational Differences on Workplace Productivity in Lebanon" from the Doctoral School of the Lebanese University, and two master’s degree on "The Effect of politics on the Foreign Direct Investment in Lebanon" from the Lebanese University, and on "Applying Knowledge Management in a Media Institution" from the Lebanese University. She is also a member of the Blue Peace Media Network for trans-boundary water management in the Middle East.

Osman is a University Lecturer at the Lebanese International University and Maaref University. She hosts and produces the political show The MidEaStream. She is a writer and her comments on issues of West Asia on several international and regional media outlets are published by various outlets.