Alexander Dugin's Multipolar World Theory is an optimistic view of a future in which humanity will achieve its highest development. However, this is not the uniform humanity that the planners and manipulators of globalization envision. Instead, old artificial boundaries will be dissolved and new natural boundaries will be established.

Humanity will develop in its various manifestations, namely different civilizations and ethnos that breathe their soul into it. Drawing on a variety of philosophies from both the Right and the Left, Dugin maps out the theory's immediate goals and ultimate vision, as well as what it would take to put it into practice.

Multipolarity is a tapestry that creates a myriad of colorful potentials, not a single dead end, where nameless human masses are led to languish until the end of time. According to Dugin, the Westphalian system of nation-state sovereignty has long become obsolete and no longer functions. In its place would be established a continental system of "great space" (in the Schmittian sense), in which individuals were integrated into a social whole based on unbreakable ties of kinship and common traditions. This will be a time of high adventure, boundless curiosity and rediscovery of what it really means to be different and therefore to be able to think of unique solutions in place of standard ones.