GTI- Real Thinkers Institute (RT), part of the Global Thinkers Institute (GTI) conducted an interview with Scott Ritter, September, 20, 2023, regarding Remarks by Vice President Harris at the 11th U.S.-ASEAN Summit in Jakarta. Ritter explained the meaning of “Security and Prosperity” proposed by Harris.

According to Ritter, America is starting to leave West Asia, after making many mistakes in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Suriah and Ukraine. The trend of US economic and political hegemony is declining, and it is starting to expand and maintain influence in the Indo Pacific region. Scott Ritter advised the US to use elegant diplomatic language, eliminate the language of threats and sanctions, and treat other countries equally and with respect. Scoot also advised Russia to expand trade expansion with Asia, especially Indonesia, in the gas and oil sectors, strengthen their respective currencies and take advantage of the progress of BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Indonesia must look for the right business and military cooperation partners. Striving to become a developed, sovereign and independent country. William Scott Ritter Jr. (born July 15, 1961) is an American author, international relations analyst, former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer, former United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) weapons inspector