GTI-Global Thinkers Institute (GTI) succeeded in interviewing Leonid Savin, a Geopolitical and Philosophical thinker from Russia about the dynamics of relations between the West and East bloc, Monday, 13 May 2024. Leonid Savin provides testimony on the past, present and future vision regarding cooperation, disputes, west-east bloc competition, and the Multipolar future. According to him, the US-West alliance and the Soviet Union in the past were military alliances in the general context of defeating fascism, Nazi-Germany, Japan, Italy and Japan. After that, competition (bipolar) occurred, fighting for the influence of Western liberal democracy versus Communist-Socialist ideologies.

The USA then became Unipolar, intervened (soft power) - spread liberal democracy into the heart of the Soviet Union and succeeded in dividing the Soviet Union. Under Putin's leadership, the post-Soviet Russian Federation succeeded in rising, uniting and moving forward. Now the idea of Multipolar has emerged along with the US-Nato aggressive development response, and Western Europe is weakening Russia with the Ukraine issue.

Leonid seeded the idea of Multipolar in his book "Ordo Pluriversalis: The End of Pax Americana and the Rise of Multipolarity". Contains interpretations of religion, economics, worldview, sovereignty, civilization, liberalism and globalism under the foundation of the big idea of Multipolar. According to Leonid, Multipolar is an open idea and continues to be developed without losing its practical significance and relevance. Multipolar based on local philosophy (pole) originating from various civilizations; India, China, Latin America, the Islamic world, Asia, Africa and American society are tradition-based and anti-unipolar.