Relations between Africa and France are still experiencing colonialism. This is what Arnaud Develay said to the Real Thinkers Institute (RTI), October, 3, 2023. According to him, there had been dirty practices between the French and African elites. This is what causes Africa to still be under colonialism.

France being a member of NATO is part of imperialism. Nato uses Ukraine as a proxy against Russia. NATO and France are entities that both oppress the African people.

The support of African protesters for Russia is because African people see Russia as offering equal relations, maintaining mutual sovereignty and respecting each other.

Arnaud suggested to France to leave NATO and the European Union. So that France could be sovereign and become an honorable country, and stop being Washington's servant.

Arnaud Develay, International legal consultant. Trained by former US Attorney General Ramsay Clark. Participated in the legal committee of behalf of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, assisted in the Defense of Ilitch Ramirez Sanchez. Spent over two years documenting the effects of sanctions in Syria.