An autobiographical expos of the New South Wales criminal justice system. The author, who spent seven years in jail for crimes he did not commit, including the 1978 Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing, now teaches politics at Macquarie University.

Anderson has campaigned in support of East Timor, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Palestine and Syria. Between 2008 and 2014, he made a series of short documentaries about the training of Timorese doctors in Cuba, and the work of Cuban doctors in the Pacific. In February 2017 Cuba awarded him the Medal of Friendship "in recognition of his unconditional solidarity with Cuba and its revolution".

Anderson has supported civil liberties and prisoners' rights in Australia. He became involved in the Sydney-based group Justice Action in the 1990s. The group worked with the campaign group 'Tim Anderson's Campaign to Expose Framing' (CEFTA), whose newsletter Framed was taken over by Justice Action and ran until 2004. He then became Secretary of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties during 1998–1999. Prisoners' rights became a theme of his writing in the 1980s and 1990s, as reflected in his 1989 book Inside Outlaws and parts of his 1992 book Take Two, along with published papers and interviews.