GTI-Dragana, in an interview with the Real Thinkers Institute (RTI), Jun 1, 2023, described the same pattern of conflict between Serbia, Kosovo and most recently Ukraine. The third conflict was the expansion of NATO which wanted to control the entire territory of the former USSR. Expanding expansion means the European Union's military operations and economic alliances by utilizing local elements.

NATO, a large organization that is supposed to protect isolated member states from potential aggressors. However, NATO's structure conflicts with the security interests of each member country.

The command structure clearly stipulates that certain decisions are made supranationally and that even orders come from abroad. This means that the field of national defense is no longer in the hands of the state authorities. However, a sovereign state may not hand over its defense competence to another state. NATO is not an alliance, but an instrument of transatlantic power in American hands.

Europe should try to build its own defense structure that can work independently of America. Additionally, this structure should be decentralized and provide greater authority and freedom to individual states.

Of course, it is not an exaggeration to say that NATO is an American sector military alliance, which only works in the interests of American expansion. This can be analyzed both historically and up to the present. Unfortunately, NATO continues to expand and its members are forced to support it.

Dr. Dragana Trifkonic is director of The Center for Geostrategic Studies, based in Belgrade, Serbia. An engineer and security expert. His area of study is conflict in various parts of the world. Dragana lives in Belgrade and Moscow.